As the United States Postal Service continues its evolution as a forward-thinking, fast-acting company capable of providing quality products and services for its customers, it continues to remember and celebrate its roots as the first national network of communications that literally bound a nation... Read more





Louis DeJoy
Postmaster General & CEO

Louis DeJoy

Steven Monteith
Chief Customer & Marketing Officer & EVP
Joshua Colin
EVP & Chief Retail & Delivery Officer
Joseph Corbett
Chief Financial Officer
Jacqueline Krage Strako
Chief Commerce & Business Solutions Officer
Pritha Mehra
Chief Information Officer
Douglas Tulino
EVP, CHRO & Deputy Postmaster General
Stephen Dearing
Chief Data & Analytics Officer VP
Isaac Cronkhite
Chief Logistics & Processing Operations Officer & EVP
Kelly Abney
EVP & Chief Logistics Officer
Thomas J. Marshall
General Counsel
Gary Barksdale
Chief Postal Inspector
Ronnie Jarriel
SVP, Facilities & Fleet Management
Peter Pastre
VP, Government Relations & Public Policy
Jeffery Adams
VP, Corporate Communications
Judy de Torok
VP, Corporate Affairs
Angela Lawson
VP, Technology Applications
John Diperi
VP, A&Regional Processing Operations Western