Helge Grimen

Vice President of Compliance and Business Review at Vimond Media Solutions

Helge Grimen has a diverse work history spanning over 30 years. Helge has held various roles in companies such as Vimond Media Solutions, Miles AS, VYZR, Connector Subsea Solutions, BT Signaal, Fujitsu, Ergo Connect, Business Service Management Consultancy (BSMC), and EDB Business Partner.

At Vimond Media Solutions, Helge held multiple positions, including Vice President of Compliance and Business Review, Vice President of Customer Success, VP Global Operations, and VP Support.

Prior to that, they worked as a Senior Advisor at Miles AS and as Head of Sales/Advisor at VYZR. Helge also served as the Head of Quality Management at Connector Subsea Solutions.

During their time at BT Signaal, Helge was the Vice President of Quality Management. Helge played a key role in specifying, building, and implementing balanced scorecard applications for corporate governance. Helge also focused on standard processes, proven methodologies, and tools for customer-focused governance.

At Fujitsu, Helge held several positions including Director of Service Delivery Management in the Global Delivery Unit and Director of Service Delivery Management in the Nordic Region. In these roles, they were responsible for the service framework and delivery management.

Helge also has experience as the Managing Director at Ergo Connect and as the Head of Service Delivery in Norway at Fujitsu.

Prior to that, they were the Managing Director at Business Service Management Consultancy (BSMC), where they developed the Service Concept framework for customer-focused service support and operations. Helge also implemented the Service Concept on business critical self-service payment solutions.

Helge began their career at EDB Business Partner, where they served as the Head of Service Management in the Bank/Finance sector for over 15 years.

Throughout their career, Helge Grimen has consistently demonstrated their expertise in compliance, customer success, global operations, support, quality management, service delivery management, and service concept development.

Helge Grimen attended the University of Bergen (UiB) from 1983 to 1987, where they obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. In 1999, they enrolled in the HP School and became a certified Process Expert in ITIL, specializing in ITSM Service Support and ITSM Service Delivery. In 2005, they also received training from Fujitsu as a Practitioner in Lean for Services.


Previous companies

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  • Vice President of Compliance and Business Review

    June, 2021 - present

  • Vice President of Customer Success

    October, 2020

  • VP Global Operations

    October, 2018

  • VP Support

    January, 2017

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