Bing Espina Rhodes

Head Of Infrastructure Project Development And Advisory at

Bing Espina Rhodes has a wealth of experience in the water and infrastructure sectors. Starting with Manila Water in 2008, they held various roles such as Territory Manager, Water/Wastewater Process Manager, Water Forensics Manager, Head of Laboratory Services Department, and OIC Head of Technical Services Division. In 2017, Bing joined Manila Water - Indonesia, Manila Water Asia Pacific as their New Business Head. In 2021, they became the Bids and Proposals Director at Mowah CO., where they managed qualification, proposal development, and bid management for water and social infrastructure projects. Currently, Bing is the Head of Infrastructure Project Development and Advisory at, highlighting their extensive experience and expertise in the industry.

Bing Espina Rhodes obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines, graduating in 2008. Later, they pursued a Master's Degree in Environment and Natural Resources Management at the same university, completing their studies in 2021. In addition to their academic achievements, Bing possesses several certifications, including "Leading in the Digital Era," "Leading Innovation," and "Leading Virtually" from Skillsoft. Bing also holds a "Certified Quality Professional" certification, although the institution from which it was obtained is unknown. Furthermore, Bing has acquired a "GIMI Level 1 & 2 Certification" from the Global Innovation Management Institute.



  • Head Of Infrastructure Project Development And Advisory

    February, 2023 - present

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