Andrew Rock

Chairman at Woven Orthopedic Technologies

Andrew Rock is a successful serial entrepreneur in the global medical technology industry. He is co-founder of K2M Group and during his time at K2M, helped the business increase its value more than 75% following its IPO while also developing over 17 utility and method patents for the treatment of complex spine pathologies.

Prior to founding K2M, Mr. Rock served as an executive at American Osteomedix and CEO of Rock Surgical Associates where he was responsible for co-developing a minimally invasive approach to treating osteoporotic compression fractures and tumors in the thoracic spine and distributing orthopedic and neurosurgical products, respectively. Currently, Mr. Rock is the founder of investment group, Neuro Spine Ventures LLC and serves on the board of directors for several life-sciences corporations.

Mr. Rock received his education at Linsly and West Virginia University.



  • Chairman

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