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Org chart

Jim Lanzone

Matt Sanchez
President & GM, Home Ecosystem
Aengus McClean
Interim CTO
Elizabeth Herbst-Brady
Chief Revenue Officer
Lisa Moore
Chief People Officer
Karen Miller Reese
Chief Privacy Officer & Chief Privacy Officer & VP, Privacy, Cybersecurity & Data Strategy
J.L. Novak
Chief Compliance Officer & Deputy General Counsel
Sona Iliffe-Moon
Chief Communications Officer
Darin Bassin
Chief Legal Officer
Nathalie Bordes
Chief Research & Analytics Officer
Ryan F.
SVP Design
Bob Gurwin
VP, Chief Counsel
Jai Singh
Vp, Editor-in-chief
Chandra Cirulnick
Vp, Global Supply Partnerships, Yahoo DSP
Tony Gemma
Vp, Head Of Global Ad Creative
Dwaine Streater
Vice President Global Real Estate, Facilities, Security, & Workplace Services
Patrick Harper
Vice President - Corporate Strategy & Development
Paul Lewis
Vice President, Yield Operations
Andrea Wasserman
Head of Global Commerce
Dan Richardson
Head of Data, APAC
John McNerney
Senior Director of Platforms, APAC
Charlie Trinco
Principal Project Manager
Business Lead
Alessio de Marino
Sr Optimization Strategy Lead
Leonidas Kontoes
Senior Manager, Strategy