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Zinnia is on a mission to heal for good. They want to fix the problems of American healthcare by providing quality access to everyone.





Org chart

Taek-Geun Kwon

Melanie George
CPO & SVP of Operational Excellence
Arel Meister-Aldama
President, Pediatric Behavioral & Mental Health
Joseph Silvestro
SVP, Partnerships & Operations
David Hu
VP & Medical Director, Psychiatry
Craig Katzen
VP, Admissions & Real Estate
Natalie Lindemann
VP, Clinical Services, California
Aida Sek
VP, Clinical Services East
Ryan Bennett
VP of Change Management
Daniel Cincotta
VP of Change Management
Maryl Russo
Director Of Human Resources Change Management
Minh Nguyen
Director Of Payroll
Dr. Cassandra Bolden
Vice President Of Learning And Development
Bob Costabile
Chief Creative Officer At Zinnia Health
Adam Treboutat
Chief Marketing Officer
Matt Michaels
VP Of Quality Compliance
Michael Russo
Director Of Business Intelligence