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Org chart

Mina Nada

Michael Johnson
COO & co-Founder
Arwin Soetanto
Co-Founder and Board Director
Brian Wolensky
General Counsel - North America
Daniel De Vladar
Head of Global Supply Chain
Jules Flynn
Chief Operating Officer
Julien Trost
Director Of Strategy & Marketing
Michelle Crocker
Vice President of People & Culture
Oliver deGeest
General Counsel & Company Secretary; Vp, People & Culture (interim) At Zoomo
Krysia Kristina Solheim
Global Enterprise Account Director
Deenadhayalan Subramaniam
Software Engineer
Ethan Jackwitz
Senior iOS Engineer
Brod Gaggi
Senior Product Manager
Navneet Bhasin
Senior Product Manager
Vishal Uppal
Product Manager
Trizia Nicole Homoroc
Accounting Specialist
Nathalie Wadd-Dumortier ACMA
Senior European Financial Accountant
Nazmul Sarker
Finance Manager
Jovelyn Popa
Financial Accountant
Robert Y.
Senior Finance Analyst
Angie Digo
Payroll Accountant