The Teams Helping the World Stay in Shape During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the world and forced many businesses to shut their doors or operate at a limited capacity. Among these affected businesses are gyms, which are closed in many US states and cities due to their shared equipment and the need for customers to be in close proximity to other gym-goers.

However, gym closures haven't slowed down fitness junkies or those committed to achieving their New Year’s resolutions from finding a way to work up a sweat, as a range of home fitness brands have stepped up to meet the demand. Here are a few companies primed to help the world stay in shape while the coronavirus keeps gyms closed.



Image Credit: Tonal

Tonal debuted its $2,995 wall-mounted, all-in-one exercise machine in August 2018. By using electromagnetics, Tonal has been able to create electronic resistance up to 200 pounds, which combined with its devices two arm-like appendages, can replace almost all the equipment used in a weight room.

Tonal founder, Aly Orady, created the at-home system in an attempt to bring the gym to him, after he found that getting to the gym and constantly waiting around for machines and equipment ate up too much of his free time. When discussing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Tonal's business with Fitt Insider, Orady stated that sales have trippled, with increases in all of its markets, not just areas hit the hardest by COVID-19.


Future fit

Image Credit: Future

Future is harnessing popular technologies to digitally disrupt the personal training industry. The subscription service believes that personal training can be effective and affordable with its lineup of elite certified coaches.

Future provides remote personal training sessions by utilizing a customer’s Apple Watch (if you don’t own Apple's smartwatch Future will provide one). The company’s model is appealing as a trainer designs the user’s custom workout plan to specifically suit their situation, no matter if they are at home with no equipment or have access to a fully-stocked gym.


Onyx image 7

Image Credit: Onyx

With the AI-powered Onyx home workout app, users receive unlimited workouts, exercise tracking, and personalized plans. However, the smartphone app’s benefits don’t end there, as it utilizes the 3D motion capture system on your phone to scan count reps, provide feedback on form, and deliver personalized audio instructions. The company has even built social features into the app, enabling users to compete with friends via a digital exercise leaderboard. Overall, Onyx's app is designed to keep at-home athletes of all experience levels motivated even when they are working out by themselves.



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Strava, which takes its name from the Swedish word for “strive,” has created a digital community of runners and cyclists of all experience levels who can track and celebrate their activity.

Strava works by turning users’ Apple and Android devices, including phones and smartwatches, into running and cycling computers. Strava's app allows users to track, view, and study their performance data. Additionally, the company has fostered a community that enables users to record and post activity data to their Strava feed, where friends and followers can cheer them on and leave comments on each other's activities. This feature may be especially appealing during the coronavirus pandemic, as it allows users to retain social connections made at the gym or on the track.



Image Credit: MIRROR

Mirror launched its full-length mirror, which allows users to stream workout videos, in September 2018. The company’s wall mounted device retails for $1,495, it also charges customers $39 a month to stream its live or on-demand classes. Mirror expects to bring in over $100 million in revenue in 2020 and to break even or even be profitable in 2021. This sucess caught the attention of athletic apparel brand Lululemon, which acquired Mirror in late June 2020 for $500 million.


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