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The 11 Coolest Startups and Tech Companies Hiring Engineers Right Now

By Maya Kosoff

Last updated: Apr 5, 2023

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We’ve uncovered the coolest engineering jobs open right now at some of the world’s most transparent and forward-thinking tech startups. If you’re interested, apply for one of these jobs in just a few clicks.

ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash.
ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash.

Software engineering is as in-demand as a career as it’s ever been.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for software developers, which includes software engineers, is on pace to grow 22% — substantially faster than the 4% average for all careers in the U.S. So if you have the background and you’re interested in a job in software engineering, now is the time to apply.

Read on to learn more about great open jobs at Slack, Anvyl, Rocket.Chat, and other transparent and fast-growing companies — and apply for any of these jobs in just a few clicks.

Mem Protocol

Founded in early 2021, Mem Protocol seeks to improve existing social media services with decentralized architecture. Mem is building the infrastructure for the future of the internet by creating human-centric tools for the social layer of Web3. Its decentralized social media protocol gives people more control over their personal data.

Following Mem’s latest funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz, the company is hiring for multiple engineering roles. Mem is looking for applicants who believe in Web3 and want to be a force multiplier for its adoption and value proposition. Apply for one of Mem’s open engineering roles here.


UserGems helps you identify your biggest champions by tracking when your customers change their jobs and head to a new company, or when a new buyer joins your target account. UserGems helps deliver warm leads that help reps book more calls, find warmer introductions and close deals faster. Usergems is growing 5x year over year and is backed by top Silicon Valley investors, including Craft Ventures, Battery Ventures and Tiger Global.

As Usergems continues to grow, the company is looking to hire a VP of Engineering to build and manage its Engineering team. This role offers a unique opportunity to shape the engineering department of a fast-growing and well-funded startup based on the candidate’s vision. Learn more about the role and apply here.


Air is a creative ops system for marketers. Air’s product automates the mindless tasks that marketers do every day to manage content and helps marketers unlock their creativity through image recognition, automated versioning and approval workflows.

Air is looking to expand its engineering team by hiring a senior data analyst, a lead backend engineer and a lead infrastructure engineer. Those joining Air will experience a company culture built around a tireless pursuit to be the best at what they do. Air is entrepreneurial and focused, and its culture is based on several core features, including tackling problems head-on without ego, communicating with empathy, speaking directly, listening thoughtfully and asking questions. Apply for one of Air’s open roles here.


Doorvest helps people own high yield single-family rental homes by streamlining the process of researching, renovating and managing their own rental properties. Doorvest’s mission is to simplify and democratize the path to financial security for everyone. For too long, access to high-quality single family real estate has been reserved for the ultra-wealthy, which leaves out everyday people.

To help with this mission, Doorvest is looking for an experienced full stack developer to help grow and scale both Doorvest’s backend and frontend architecture. The team will work together to tackle unique problems and lead projects using the latest technologies and services. Learn more about Doorvest’s open roles and apply here.


Loyal is on a mission to improve every dog's healthspan (Fido’s quality of life) and their lifespan. Loyal was founded in early 2020 and has raised over $50 million in funding from Khosla, First Round Capital, Collaborative Fund, Longevity Fund, Quiet Capital, BoxGroup and other investors. Loyal is working on bringing to market the first drugs intended to extend your dog’s life.

While Loyal is currently focusing on dog drugs, its ultimate aim is to take what they learn in dogs to leapfrog into human aging drugs, and build a company that catalyzes and captures the public’s excitement around aging therapeutics. In order to do so, Loyal is hiring a Software Engineer to join its Computational Biology team. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to make the transition from pure engineering to working in biotech and aging, although a background in biology is not required for this role. Learn more about the Software Engineer role Loyal is hiring for and apply here.


Rocket.Chat is the world’s largest open-source communication platform, trusted by more than 12 million users across 150 countries. A flexible and transparent hub that allows companies to centralize communication and customer support in a single place, Rocket.Chat is focused on boosting team productivity. Its mission is to empower organizations to own their conversations by developing the world’s most flexible and secure open source communications platform.

To help achieve this mission, Rocket.Chat is hiring for a Backend Software Engineer. This role is responsible for developing, maintaining and improving the services Rocket.Chat offers its customers. This position is critical for helping them be agile and developing solutions for its customers. Apply here for Rocket.Chat’s open Backend Software Engineer role.


Kevala collects and analyzes energy grid infrastructure data for utility companies, renewable energy providers, EV charging companies, regulators and others in the energy industry. This startup provides data-driven insights for an evolving energy market by combining proprietary analytics with advanced grid mapping, unlocking the grid of hard-to-get local electrical data, demographic and building characteristics and environmental indicators.

Kevala is helping new entrants target the best locations for distributed assets and provide decision support for utilities and policymakers managing a complex energy ecosystem. Its users can explore, explain and discover impacts of all types of clean energy investments.

Kevala is planning to double in size within the next few months and has a lot of technical roles open. Check them out here.


Anvyl is the first supply chain technology platform that uses data analytics to reinvent supply chain processes — making products better, smarter and easier. Anvyl’s world-class technology standardizes and automates interactions, negotiates contracts and schedules, tracks production and quality, and provides visual and data updates to ensure on-time delivery.

Anvyl is looking to hire an Integration Solutions Engineer. Apply today and join its fast-growing team.


Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate. The name Slack is an acronym for "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge."

Slack is hiring a Staff Software Engineer, Automation. In this role, you’ll be participating in the design and the development of innovative testing solutions that are specific to engineering challenges at Slack. This is a great role for someone who’s motivated by helping other engineers and engineering teams succeed and well-versed in architecting continuous integration systems. Check out the role here.


Spotify allows users to discover, manage and share music. It is one of the most popular global audio streaming services, with 365 million users, including 165 million subscribers across 178 markets. Spotify’s Discover Weekly spun over 5 billion songs for over 40 million people, which is more than Apple Music and Tidal combined.

As a Software Engineer on Spotidy's Platform engineering organization, you'll help build tools to help Spotify learn quickly and scale easily. Check out one of Spotify’s 250 open technical roles here.


Ergatta is a Manhattan-based start-up that believes in the power of technology, design and human ingenuity to improve people’s lives through daily fitness. Ergatta is on a mission to bring a regular fitness routine within reach for more people by making it irresistibly convenient and genuinely stimulating.

The company strongly believes indoor rowing is the best form of accessible exercise on the planet, and it’s dreaming up new ways to make fitness fun.

Ergatta is looking for a remote Android Developer to join the fast growing technical team. Check out the role here.

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