Franck Brouard

Lead Operations at Akeneo

Franck Brouard has extensive work experience in various technical roles. Franck started their career at Steria Group in 2005 as an Application Integrator, working with Linux, AIX, Websphere, Apache, and MySQL. Franck then worked at Linkbynet as a Technical Coordinator for Linux and Cloud projects, managing server setup, deployment, tuning, and load testing for high-traffic websites and web services.

In 2017, Franck joined Display Interactive as a DevOps Linux AWS specialist. Franck deployed and updated the UGO application code for airline companies, and developed a test environment generator on AWS EC2.

Franck later joined CESI École Supérieure de l’Alternance as a Technical Trainer, sharing their Linux knowledge with students pursuing diplomas in IT. Franck also worked at Akeneo as a Site Reliability Engineer, then as a DevOps Akeneo PIM specialist, and eventually as the Lead Operations for a strategic project. Franck valued concepts like "The Last Responsible Moment," "Intellectual honesty," "State of art," and "Change the paradigm."

Currently, Franck Brouard is a Trainer at Sup de Vinci, conducting training sessions for Sup de Vinci Rennes apprentices. Their philosophy is based on DevOps principles, with a focus on tools like versioning, Redhat administration, and Docker. Franck incorporates theoretical content from DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) and real-life examples from their work experience at Akeneo.

Franck Brouard completed a training program in Architecting on AWS at ABC Systèmes et Formation in 2015. Prior to that, they earned a Licence Professionnelle in Sécurité et Qualité en Télécommunication with a specialization in Administration de / administrateur réseaux et systèmes from Université de Tours in 2005.


Previous companies

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  • Lead Operations

    March, 2021 - present

  • Devops Akeneo PIM

    October, 2019

  • Site Reliability Engineer

    March, 2019