Arik Schor

Chairman at Algaia

Arik Schor was elected Algaia’s chairman of the Board in 2019 when the company welcomed the Velge family in its shareholder structure.

He is Maabarot Product Ltd Chairman of the Board but from 2009 to 2016, Arik was also Tnuva’s CEO, the largest Food company in Israel.

Arik Schor is a senior executive having a vast experience in Food and Consumer Goods industries.

Under his leadership, Tnuva significantly grew both top and bottom line until it becomes a food conglomerate of about 2 billion € that was eventually acquired by Bright food Ltd.

Prior to Tnuva, Arik was for nearly 5 years the CEO of Kimberly Clark Israel, a well-established consumer goods company.

He also served as CEO of Drinks and Caniel packaging companies and worked for a few years in the USA.

Beyond his professional track records, Arik is known in Israel as a national hero for having founded and operated the Israeli army commando unit called Shalag.


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