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Our customers across America rely on our expertise to build, enhance, and modernize today's innovative infrastructure, which allows for the reliable distribution and transmission of natural gas and electric power to homes, businesses, and communities. We also offer a wide range of municipal and spec... Read more





Joel Wiegert

Dennis Klumb Jr.
Chairman of KS Energy LLC
Dave Lisabeth
Chief Human Resource Officer
Douglas S. Banning Jr.
Chief Executive Officer, MVerge
Martin Glasmacher
Chief Information Officer
Tom Newell
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Melanie Nealis
Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
Billy Campbell
President of Southern Gas Division
Jim Kaveney
President, Volt Power, LLC
Ted Crowe
President, Minnesota Limited
Kevin Miller
President, Miller Pipeline
Kyle Ormsby
President, Southeast Connections LLC
Joe Branco
VP, Safety
Scott Stieber
VP, Commercial Operations and Corporate Strategy