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At BTC Inc, our mission is Hyperbitcoinization across all of our brands. We believe that Bitcoin opens the door to a global, inclusive monetary network free from censorship, government manipulation, and poor financial incentives. Informing and educating through Bitcoin Magazine, connecting and collaborating at The Bitcoin Conferences, rewards at Earn Carrot, financial products at UTXO Management, or supporting non...



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    Bitcoin is an ideological journey, and everyone is on their own path. Our goal is to help them along, not confuse or deter them. What Bitcoin is and how it will impact the world is continuing to evolve. We will remain focused on building bridges so that people can experience the world Bitcoin empowers and avoid burning bridges where people remain powerless - Big picture, low time preference

  • Individuals not Identities

    Bitcoin is inclusive. Bitcoin does not care what your gender, color, sexual or political preferences because it is for everyone. Treat people as humans, not as identities tied to some feature, ideology, or previous experience - Respect and Empower Everyone

  • Value Creation not Virtue Signaling

    Bitcoin is relentless in its pursuit. If it doesn't move the needle, don't do it. Wage war against mediocrity and incrementalism. All productive and creative output should optimize our missional flight path to create value, not virtue signal to please people - Laser focused on Mission

  • Be Prudent

    Bitcoin is scarce, and so are company resources. Treat our resources like you would your own. Be prudent and sensible when it comes to spending so that we can control our own destiny (Please do not sell company chairs) - Stack Sats Mentality

  • Be Anti-Fragile

    Bitcoin is secure and grows stronger by the day, and we aim to imitate that. We ask teams to check their ego at the door. Invite critical feedback into your world, treat it like soil for personal growth, and gift it to others in a productive manner - Iron Sharpens Iron

  • Promote Freedom

    Bitcoin represents Freedom at the base layer, and as a company, we feel our culture should reflect Freedom at the base layer too. Structure a life that allows you to be free, authentic, have fun, and remain fearless - Live a Permission-less Life

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Product announcement

Building Bitcoin Amsterdam: Why Europe Needs To Host The World's Biggest Bitcoin Conference

Building Bitcoin Amsterdam: Why Europe Needs To Host The World's Biggest Bitcoin Conference

This is an opinion editorial by Brandon Green, the chief of staff for BTC Inc. Disclaimer: BTC Inc is the parent company of Bitcoin Magazine. We at Bitcoin Magazine have been hard at work growing the visibility and voice of the Bitcoin movement. We’ve built a website to share current events and ideas, some social media accounts to break news and spread memes, a print magazine to capture and disseminate the culture of Bitcoin, a multimedia team to create Bitcoin content of all types, and a Bitcoin conference to bring everyone together and point a spotlight on the industry. Our latest conference, Bitcoin 2022, ended up being not only the largest Bitcoin conference in the world, but also the largest finance conference and one of the largest cultural events in the world. But it’s an U.S.-centric event, with mostly U.S.-centric speakers, companies and attendees. Bitcoin is not simply an American phenomenon. Bitcoin is global, and it’s time for Bitcoin Magazine to become more global too. Bitcoin Magazine’s ultimate goal is to grow the Bitcoin movement to every continent and every language. We’ve begun seeding the brand in various countries around the globe (more to come on this in later updates). Now, we are excited to launch Bitcoin Amsterdam, our first conference outside of the United States. Bitcoin Amsterdam follows in the footsteps of Bitcoin 2014, the second-ever Bitcoin conference, which was also hosted in Amsterdam. Like Bitcoin 2014, we will bring together the European Bitcoin community and others from around the world to celebrate, teach, collaborate and learn about Bitcoin. Europe has been a hotbed for innovation in Bitcoin, with many of our most prolific devs and brightest entrepreneurs hailing from the continent. And yet, while there are some terrific conferences for hardcore Bitcoiners and developers, we don’t have a gathering place for folks ranging from the curious to the convicted to come together and build the movement in Europe. It’s time to change that. The goal isn’t simply to bring Bitcoin 2022 to Europe, but to plant a flag for the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, with the luminaries, cypherpunks, freedom fighters, celebrities and geeks in and around Europe who can articulate and highlight how Bitcoin is changing the world from the ground up. The people, companies and communities that our movement nurtures in the bear market will be the ones most primed for explosive growth in the bull market. Europe is ready for a Bitcoin transformation. Don’t sit back and watch it happen — join us in making it happen! If you have a business that needs to be built, an idea that needs to be shared, or relationships that need to be fostered, Bitcoin Amsterdam will be the greatest opportunity to do so. And of course, if you just want to kick it with your fellow Bitcoiners, the drinks will be flowing and the city will be waiting. Come build the movement with us. Don’t miss out!