Bolt is one of the fastest-growing startups in the world with over 100M happy customers in 45+ countries, from Europe to LatAm to Africa. It is a transportation platform providing ride-hailing, micromobility, and food delivery services.






Org chart

Markus Villig
CEO & Co-Founder

Markus Villig

Oliver Leisalu
Founder / CTO
Karin Kase
Global Head Of PR
Polina Shevchenko
Global Head Of Marketing Technology & Measurement
Aastha Yadav
Global Head Of Product Strategy
Cheryl White
Global Head Of Talent Acquisition
Mário Rodrigues Pereira
Global Head Of Talent Acquisition
Monika Drab
Global Head Of Commercial | Grocery & Brand Partnerships
Mariam Tsintsadze
Chief Financial Officer | Georgia
Alice Khambo
Customer Support Program Lead - Europe & SSA Regions
Ana Filipa de Oliveira
Head Of Customer Support - Bolt Business
Anne Omanga
Senior Customer Support Lead
Barbara Jasik
Customer Support Deputy Team Lead
Cheila Aniceto
Customer Support Team Lead
Edom Mengistu
Head Of Customer Support - Rentals
Elizabeth Kivi
Customer Support Team Lead
Fred Gehrke
Head Of Customer Support - Rides
Habib Griri
Customer Support Team Lead
Nikolai Zenevitsh
Global Head Of Enterprise Partnerships - Bolt Food