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Org chart

John Spencer
CEO & Co-Founder
Matt Shaver
Co-Founder & Engineering Fellow
Elizabeth Garman
Chief of Staff
Tim Gast
VP, Labs
Erica Byrd
VP of Engineering
Carl Rosenblatt
VP of Revenue Operations
Nino Nocita
Principal Software Engineer & Principal
Tim Weeks
Senior Software Engineer & Principal
Gary Higbee
Principal DevSecOps & Cloud Native Engineer & Principal
Sam James
DevSecOps, Cloud Native Subject Matter Expert & Principal
Brent Johnson
Software Subject Matter Expert & Principal
Ian Doull
Head of Product
Teracia Shaver
Design Operations Manager
April Johnson
Facilities & Security Manager
Robert Carter
Associate Project Manager
Tony Montemorano
Director of Design
Jenny Martin
Director of Events Marketing
Tyler Schryver
Director of IT
Martin Jamszolik
Director of Software Engineering
Dylan Manuel
Mid Backend Software Engineer
Chris Benjamin
Principal Software Engineer
Robert Peale
Project Manager
Daniel Palmer
Senior DevSecOps & Cloud Native Engineer
Stephen Yuter
Senior Director of Contracts
Melissa Briones
Senior Product Designer