Manjit Jheeta

Vice President, Industry Employment and Community Relations at Centennial College

Manjit brings extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience from the world of industry, government and community. With more than 25 years of experience in various strategic management positions with the City of Toronto and NGOs across Canada and the UK, she has led many innovative, multi-issue, multi-partner initiatives. She has been described as a strategic, and transformational leader able to build strong partnerships and professionally manage complex, multi-jurisdictional, multi-stakeholder initiatives that support community and city building. This also includes a strong advocacy approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI); both personally and professionally Manjit has integrated and embedded EDI into everything she does.

Manjit’s multidisciplinary experience in community building and strategic partnership management has provided her with rich insights into how collaborations and co-development approaches can advance strategic policy and program goals that foster vibrant, inclusive, and equitable cities where residents and businesses can thrive. She has advocated that multi-sectoral partnerships that engage the academic sector can support economic and community well-being through academic success for students - our next generation of leaders, community contributors and social justice advocates.

In her previous role as Director of Strategic Partnerships in the City Manager’s Office, Manjit led the development and stewardship of innovative collaborations and partnerships with health, housing, education, technology, business, and philanthropic partners. She promoted a culture of collaboration and innovation in the City and the idea that partnerships are key to addressing complex challenges, unlocking new opportunities, and promoting creativity.

Manjit has been described by her teams and partners as a creative, inspiring, and collaborative leader who genuinely cares about the people who work with her. As a seasoned professional she engages experts and thought leaders in the co-creation of strategies and solutions to achieve impactful results.

As Manjit joins Centennial her key focus will be on developing and building the new division into a cohesive and integrated team initially focusing on the ‘E’ in employment and improving our graduate employment rates. It is critical that we continue as a College to support and give our students every opportunity to find employment in their field of choice. Manjit and her team (Student Employment & Co-Op/Career; Community Services; SIER (Strategic Initiatives & External Relations); Community Relations; and Alumni Engagement) will be instrumental in the realization of that work.



  • Vice President, Industry Employment and Community Relations

    Current role