ClassPass Inc., based in New York City, provides access to yoga, strength training, barre, martial arts, pilates, boxing, and indoor cycling classes, as well as use of health clubs via its flat-rate monthly subscription billing service.






Org chart

Fritz Lanman

Shana Neiditch
SVP General Counsel
Jeff Bladt
VP, Pricing & Inventory
Kinsey Livingston
VP, Partnerships
Resa Mueller
Chief of Staff to the CEO
Theresa Mueller (Resa)
Director Of Strategic Integrations
David Whitby
Managing Director, EMEA
Liz Winokur
Senior Director of Legal
Nina Bayatti
Director, Conversion Rate Optimization
Danielle Doremus
Director of Business Operations
Sherry Zhou
Director, FP&A
Mandy Menaker
Global Head of PR
Holly Comlay-Manson
Head of International Sales and Corporate
Irina Sidorova
Head of International Growth Marketing
Will Sebern
Senior Director, North America Sales
Cate Donovan
Senior Director, Global Corporate Sales
Megan O’Dea
Senior Director, Accounting
Julia Healey
Senior Director, Account Development
Megan Magrew
Director, Product Management
George Otsubo
Lead Product Designer
Matt Yu
Senior Product Designer
Doug McKay
Senior Engineering Manager
Neil Kimmett
Senior Engineering Manager
Stacey Johnson
Senior Engineering Manager
Kyle MacNamara
Engineering Manager
Emily Hu
Head Of Account Management
Jane McDonough
Creative Director
Kher Yee T.
Director Of Engineering
Leang Chaing
Director, Data Science
Robert Brown
Senior Director, Corporate Development And Analytics
Sherry Z.
Senior Director, Fp&a
Sam Liu
Product Director