Org chart

Zeb Evans
Founder, CEO
Alex Yurkowski
Co-founder, CTO
Melissa Rosenthal
Chief Creative Officer
Gaurav Agarwal
Chief Growth Officer
Marshall Tyler
Chief Strategy Officer
Dan Zhang
VP of Finance
Aaron Cort
VP of Operations
Amber Coster
Vice President Operations (EMEA)
Mike Berger
VP of Product Marketing
Mike Kim
Vice President, Global Revenue Marketing
Ben Gahlsdorf
Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition
Tommy Wang
Chief Business Officer
Nick Krekow
Head of Product Strategy
Danielle Gazitt
Head Of Global Communications
Brian Shen
Head of Product Management, Work Management
Will May
Chief Revenue Officer

Board & Advisors

Arsham Memarzadeh
Board Observer

People not yet in org chart

Jason Dale
Technical Support Specialist
Jovana Stewart
Technical Support Specialist
Monica Flitcraft
Customer Enablement, Instructional Design
Hannah Feagans
Coaching Specialist
Neil Amaral
Customer Service Lead
Jessica Mitchell
Strategic People Partner
Matt Lewis
Software engineer
Ying Tan
Product Designer