COPE Health Solutions


COPE Health Solutions is a national mission-driven consulting firm that partners with health system and payer clients and provides.







Org chart

Allen Miller
Principal & CEO

Allen Miller

Alisha Kim
Director, Workforce Operations
Andrew Snyder MD FAAP
Principal & Chief Medical Officer
Andrew P
Director of Information Technology
Angelique Diaz
Director of Departmental Operations
Brenda Mendez
Assistant Director of Departments
Edina Vukic
Principal & SVP
Eva Meyers
Director, Clinical Education
Eduardo Peña
Director de establecimiento
Jared McIlvene
Director of Projects
Kathleen Olsovsky
Director of Executive Operations
Laurel Lam
Assistant Director of Departments
Lindsey Patton
Assistant Vice President Workforce
Mike Jasmer
FP&A Director
John Perry
Chief Revenue Officer
Sana Haddadi
Assistant Director of Departments
Sarina Makarov
Director of People Experience
Yomi Ajao
Principal and Chief Consulting Officer
Vincent Vo
Assistant Director of Departments
Aisha Said
Program Coordinator
Alice C. Cheng
Manager, Events & Branding
Akanksha Srivastava
Quality Analyst
Alexis Pierce
Regional Manager, Clinical Workforce Development
Kahoku Palafox
Senior Regional Manager, Workforce Development
Anand Kishore
Technical Delivery Manager
Victoria Mason
Marketing Coordinator
Andrew Smithson
Director of Managed Care & Financial Analytics
Mollika Ray
Operational Finance Director