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Job description

The is an organisation that aims to make the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities in digital systems to the people that can fix them, from an independent standpoint, for free. The does so by collaborating with international organisations and suppliers of information security systems. To reach our global audience and test more systems on an international scale, we are looking for candidates that would like to join our international team of researchers.

The best candidates like having fun, working together with experienced researchers, and are also willing to commit their spare time to a cause. Security researchers preferably have the following qualities:

  • Able to view (more) complex security details from an analytical perspective;
  • Are tenacious in the face of setback;
  • Like to collaborate with other (international) researchers and don’t mind organising a schedule, and joining an online meeting once in a while;
  • Are creative and knowledgeable about how a special situation requires different approaches to provide a solution; You speak and write excellent English.

Besides being able to work in a cool team of researchers, please consider if you meet one or more of the following preferences we have for this position.

  • You have a university degree or an equivalent experience level in computer science, cybersecurity, or other relevant technical disciplines.
  • You know hacking methods, operating systems, file systems, networks, (web)applications, and the internet.
  • You have an affinity with digital forensic/security research or would like to learn on the job.
  • You know how to leverage code to your benefit and make your research more effective. Double points for having experience with Python or Golang.
  • You preferably have (one or more) security-related certifications.
  • You can independently give substance and direction to your research, but consult carefully with your colleagues. You speak and write excellent English.

We are looking for new colleagues with the following competencies:

  • analytical ability
  • perseverance
  • collaboration
  • planning and organising
  • creativity