Dave is the finance version of David and Goliath taking on the big banks. A financial friend to the millions of Americans who use the app, Dave helps with budgeting, building credit, finding work and accessing money to cover immediate expenses before payday. Instead of mandatory fees, Dave lets user... Read more






Org chart

Jason Wilk
CEO & co-Founder

Jason Wilk

Kyle Beilman
Chief Operating Officer
Shannon Sullivan
Chief People Officer
Stanley Hsing
VP, Product
Mia Alexander
VP, Customer Experience
Kate Holmes
VP, Design
Stav Gil
VP, Banking Products
Daniel Loera
Director, Vendor Operations
Joan Aristei
Chief Legal Officer
Brandon Au
Manager, Brand
Danielle Smith
Senior Marketing Manager, Web, SEO & Digital Production
Kira Sarkisian
Head Of Communications & Partnerships
Aaron Coppock
Director Of Software Engineering
Arturo Fernandez Montoro
Lead Software Engineer
Cameron Ruatta
Lead Software Engineer
Eric Janowski
Software Engineering Manager
Jeremiah Golden
Lead Frontend Engineer
Jordan Nornhold
Lead Software Engineer
Justin Standard
Lead Software Engineer
Matthew Aftalion
Lead Software Engineer
Paras S.
Head Of Security And IT Engineering
Patrick Chesser
Lead Software Engineer
Nina Liu
Director of Engineering
Gopi Krishna Kuchimanchi
Director of Engineering