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Research and analysis for the utility industry that helps build programs, raise customer satisfaction, and make saving energy easier.





Dave Perotti

Marnie Urbach
VP & Chief People Officer
Filomena Gogel
President, Research & Advisory
Mike Bassignani
President, Solution Services
Jamie Wimberly
Senior Vice President
Mike Hildebrand
Vice President Of Business Development
Tom Martin
VP, Commercialization, Data Science
Richard Solner
Vp, Product, Portfolio, And Product Strategy
Marianne M.
Vice President Of Customer Engagement Solutions
Rachel Reiss Buckley
Vice President, Enterprise Strategy And New Products
Lisa Markus
Managing Director
Doug Roy
Director, Sales Innovations
Kyle Shoff
Director, Sales Innovation
Erin Johnson
Director, Editorial
Alireza Vazifedoost
Director, Machine Learning Engineering
Melanie Wemple
Director, Strategy & Optimization
Michael Tulaney
Director Of Operations
Phillip Duncan
Senior Project Director
Kim Tully
Project Strategy & Transformation Lead
Tammy McKay
Lead Research Analyst, Utility Efficiency Programs
Robert Johnson
Lead Research Analyst, Utility Efficiency Programs