Earth Advantage


Earth Advantage® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping to create an informed and humane residential real estate marketplace that: Acknowledges both the climate impacts of housing and the impact climate has on housing; Provides all homebuyers and renters with access to sustainability-related in... Read more





Org chart

David Heslam
Executive Director

David Heslam

Erik Cathcart
Director of Technology Services
Jennifer Ayuyu
Meg Garabrant
Senior Manager, Real Estate Services
Rebecca Heilig
Director of Carbon-free Construction
Anthony Roy
Managing Director
Maddy Salzman
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Behind the scenes


We Believe in Our People

We support our people in becoming the best version of themselves. We recognize that our collective strength lies in supporting continual learning, providing an opportunity for growth, and fostering a supportive team environment.

We Put Transparency First

We believe that systems function most effectively when complete information is available to decision-makers.

We Are Pragmatic Advocates

We solve problems by identifying weaknesses in systems and then deliver solutions that create systemic resiliency.

We Believe in Equitable Climate Action Now

We seek to advance both market-driven and systemic change to create tangible climate progress centered in equity.

We Focus on the We

It’s not about us. We believe in the power of collaboration, partnerships, and superior service.

We Live and Breathe Sustainability

We practice what we teach, and teach what we practice.