Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors


Who We Are: Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors is a nonprofit organization that currently advises on and manages more than $400 million in annual giving by individuals, families, corporations and foundations. Continuing the Rockefeller family’s legacy of thoughtful, effective philanthropy, RPA rema... Read more





Latanya Mapp
President and CEO

Latanya Mapp

Ingrid Rasmussen
SVP & Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Roth
SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer
Jessica Biever
Operations Manager
Kristen Summers
Senior Advisor, Grants Manager
Sun Yoon
Lead Financial Analyst
Iqra Hameed
Jared Misner
Writer & Editor
Megan Brokenborough
Senior Associate
Tatiana Dozier
Senior Associate
Rose Chery
Senior Associate
Collin Shepard
Senior Associate
Abby Conway
Senior Associate
Chase Millikin
Total Rewards Specialist
Allie Norwood
Total Rewards Specialist
Luba Palionny
Senior Advisor, Contracts Manager
Yvette Diaz
Senior Advisor
Kyle Tran
Advisor, IT Systems


We are committed to learning and sharing knowledge

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and trust

We believe that philanthropy has a responsibility to pursue equity

We make decisions that center people and communities

We believe that philanthropy can help create a better world