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Founded in a Sydney garage in 2006, Envato was born from a desire to make a positive impact. Now, 15 years later, they remain independently owned and committed to creating opportunities for their creatives to thrive. As a proud B Corp, they are focused on a long term vision, balancing purpose and pr... Read more





Org chart

Collis Ta'eed

Cameron Gough
General Manager - Content Group
David Brice
General Manager - Customer Group
Michelle Risdale
Chief People Officer
Sarah Davoren
General Counsel
Yogaesh Ramasundaram
Head Of Author & Content
Aaron Rutley
Head Of Product
Kat Cruickshank
Head Of Design
Adam Noonan
Head Of Growth
Jodie Tang
Director Risk & Compliance
Rachael Evans
Director Of Fraud
Alyssa Buchardt
Chief Strategy Officer