Sandia Ashley

Customer Experience Associate at Ergatta

My 3 dream dinner guests would be: Audre Lorde, Helen Oyeyemi, and Zendaya

If there were 25 hours in a day, I'd spend the extra hour: Reading!

If I could compete in an event at the Olympics, it'd be:

Figure skating

Are you a cat or a dog person? Which breed would you be?

I'm a dog person, but I do love cats too! I've been told that I would be a Frenchie.

What's your communication style?

I tend to have a pretty casual communication style as my go to, and lean a bit more towards the over-communicative side. I appreciate clarity from others so I always try to provide any relevant context or information, and aim to be as straightforward as possible. Other than that, I'm pretty open! I tend to choose more written forms of communication if I'm initiating it, but I'm flexible and welcome all forms of communication from others.

What's the best professional advice you ever received?

Professional growth doesn't need to appear to be linear!


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