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At ESW, we believe that every shopper in every country should have seamless access to their favorite brands. Our innovative software, extensive logistics infrastructure, and cross-border expertise have empowered some of the world’s most iconic brands to grow internationally while delivering a seamle... Read more






Org chart

Eric Eichmann

Conor O'Kane
Chief Information Officer
Claude Tonna-Barthet
Chief Projects Officer
Jason McCourt
Chief Logistics Officer
Darren Nolan
VP Delivery Services
Richard Brennan
VP Product Management
Alan Clarke
Chief Commercial Officer
David Manifold
Chief Financial Officer
Deborah Power
Vice President Finance & Growth
Meredith Bagdazian
Vice President, Marketing - Americas
Thomas Kelly
Chief Executive
Sarah Keating
Chief People Officer
Allison Coughlan
Chief Risk & Sustainability Officer & Company Secretary