Adam Grenier

VP Of Growth at Eventbrite

Adam Grenier has a diverse work experience with a focus on growth, marketing, and product leadership. Adam started their career as the Head of Mobile Marketing at Zoosk where they led successful mobile marketing efforts. Adam then moved on to TapSense as the Head of Marketing and Client Strategy, playing a key role in securing funding and shaping the company's marketing message.

Adam's next role was as the Director of Mobile Marketing at HotelTonight, where they led paid marketing and growth strategies. Adam then joined Uber, where they held various positions including Head of Growth Marketing and Head of Marketing Innovation. At Uber, Adam built and managed global marketing teams, oversaw performance marketing, and drove innovation projects.

After their time at Uber, Adam joined Lambda School as the Vice President of Product and Marketing, where they also served as an Interim VP of Growth. Adam then worked as a Growth + Product Advisor at Lambda School before becoming the Vice President of Growth.

Adam also has experience as a Mentor and Growth Expert In Residence at First Round Capital, and as a Partner and Entrepreneur In Residence at Reforge. At Reforge, they worked on teaching frontier topics to product and marketing leaders and oversaw various programs.

Adam's most recent role was as the VP of Marketing, Performance, Lifecycle, and Social at MasterClass. Currently, they hold the position of VP of Growth at Eventbrite. In addition to their work experience, Adam has been self-employed as an investor focused on early-stage consumer and growth tech companies. Adam has a passion for working with entrepreneurs and helping them make an impact on the world.

Adam Grenier pursued their education with a focus on Improvisational Acting and Comedy. From 2004 to 2018, they attended Second City, IO, and Endgames Improv, where they achieved mastery in Improv. Prior to that, they enrolled at Bradley University from 2000 to 2004, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising Communication.



  • VP Of Growth

    March, 2023 - present