Leif Pedersen

Mechanics Engineer Lead at Flow Robotics

Leif Pedersen is a Mechanics Engineer Lead at Flow Robotics. Leif has over 15 years of experience in management and development, with a focus on production management and product development. Previously, they were a Production Manager at ERMAX A/S, where they were responsible for the management and development of the production department. Leif has also worked as a Development Manager at Ermax A/S, where they were responsible for the kickoff of a new development department consisting of 3 engineers. In this role, they were also responsible for budgeting, technology, project management processes, and overseas project management.

Leif Pedersen has a B.sc. in Mechanical Design and Development from Københavns Teknikum.

Leif Pedersen works with Jeppe Rask - Software Developer, Patrick Rasmussen - Electronics Engineer, and Mathias Justesen - Lead Software Developer. Leif Pedersen reports to Kjetil Kræmer, CTO.



  • Mechanics Engineer Lead

    Current role