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"Gana-A'Yoo" in Athabascan means "friends," or "friends together." At all the Gana-A'Yoo companies, we take that to heart. Our team members are always willing to step up and help. Our company logo features clasped arm/hand as a symbol of agreement and support for each other as Gana-A'Yoo. This symbol of friends united or in agreement is reflected in our company culture, which encourages our team members to mainta...


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Ryan Kegley
COO, Gana-A'Yoo, Limited
Reinhard Mueller
SVP, Operations & Business Development
Greg French
VP, Finance & Accounting, Gana-A'Yoo, Limited
David Plains
GM, Khotol Services Corporation
Cheryl Sands
GM, Khotol Services Corporation
Timothy Gayles
GM, Khotol Services Corporation

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