Nicolás Ávila

Chief Technology Officer for North America at Globant

As the CTO for Globant’s largest market, Nicolás Ávila leverages Globers’ technical expertise to find the most innovative solutions for the world’s top companies. Globant’s ambition for reinventing the professional services industry is executed on a daily basis by understanding a client’s business model and goals, and bridging the gap with the latest technologies available from its studios of expertise to create exponential and sustainable solutions. Nicolás and his team therefore approach their work not by walking the aisles of Globant’s offices, but the offices of the clients to integrate the workforces and find better solutions together.

His experience with Globant has led him to live and work in seven cities on transformational projects for some of the company’s top clients in banking, retail, hospitality and media and entertainment. With over a decade of experience in software engineering, Nicolás came to Globant after leading technology teams at Motorola and HP in various areas including Java, .net, Perl and Oracle. He credits Globant as a platform for professionals not just to work on projects but to perform transformations for the industries themselves. To do so, he believes in autonomy and empowerment as a tool to attract and foster the best talent.



  • Chief Technology Officer for North America

    July, 2020 - present