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IGN Entertainment is an online media company that offers services to video game, lifestyle, and entertainment enthusiast markets worldwide. It offers fan-focused information destinations such as IGN.com, 1UP.com, GameSpy, and others which are localized into more than 16 languages. It also offers tec... Read more







Org chart

Peer Schneider
Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder

Peer Schneider

Dan Kilby
VP, Global Creative Solutions
Hal Paris
Head of Membership
Eric Song
Senior Director, Audience Development & Commerce
Justin Davis
Senior Director, Audience Development & Commerce
Samuel Claiborn
Senior Director, Game Help
Corrado Caretto
Senior Director, Video
Dave Toole
Senior Director, Video Production
Michael Calabro
Video Programming Director
Marhyan Franzen
Technical Director & Producer
Audrey Davy
Program Director
Bob Marshall
Director, Social
Dan Stapleton
Director, Reviews
Kat Bailey
Director, News
Alex Simmons
Director, Features
Michael Peyton
Director, Events & Partnerships
Destin Legarie
Director of Video Ops
Jordan Epstein
Director of Post Production
Leo Garcia
Creative Director
James Vejvoda
Senior Manager, Entertainment Content Partnerships
Alison Rowley
Senior Custom Content Manager
Kimberly Keller
Senior Creative Strategy Manager
Dale Driver
Senior Video Producer & UK Studio Manager
Kimber Keller
Senior Strategy Manager
Patrick Coughlin
Post Production Manager
Sophia Rocha-Neal
Senior Project Manager
Derrick Sanskrit
Strategy Manager
Kelvin Choi
IGN Store Business Operations Manager
Jessie Wade
Homepage Manager
Jordan Comstock
CRM Manager
Rob Manuel
Editorial Events Manager
Lindsey Salzer
Audience Development Manager
Bobby Amos Jr.
Video Content Manager
Aaron Molina
Project Manager
Aimee Carr
Project Manager
Kenny Ong
Project Manager
Tanner Smith
Production Manager
Teddi Gobrecht
IGN Store Merchandising Manager
Jada Griffin
Community Lead
Anthony Agnello
Creative Strategy Lead
Gabe Friedman
Associate Director
Julia Rago
Lead Visual Designer
John Davison
Editorial Lead & Publisher
Amanda Medina
Supervising Production Coordinator
Narelle Ho Sang
Video Content Coordinator
Jirenia Saavreda
Strategy Coordinator
George Nash
Custom Content Coordinator
Tyler Robertson
Social Producer & Coordinator
Fred Sullivan
Social Producer & Coordinator
Mathew Jones
UK Social Coordinator
Michelle Jalbert
Social Coordinator
George Whittaker
Senior Video Producer
Michael Huynh
Senior Video Editor
Tom Jorgensen
Senior Video Producer
Mitchell Saltzman
Senior Editorial Producer
Mark Medina
Senior Editorial Producer
Joshua Yehl
Senior Editor, Features Producer
Emily Bockian
Senior Branded Social Producer
Jennifer Rothery
Senior Editor, Guides
Nick Limon
Branded Senior Producer
Josh Du
Senior Social Producer
Kevin Cappiello
Senior Video Editor
Ryan Duncan
Executive Producer, News Video
Tristan Ogilvie
AU Video Producer
Max Scoville
Producer, Host
Akeem Lawanson
Host & Video Producer
Ronny Barrier
Gameplay Producer
Stella Chung
Host & Producer
Alex Stedman
Managing Features Producer
Clint Gage
Managing Features Producer
Benjamin Watts
Partnerships & Branded Social Producer
Luis Gonzalez
Producer, Branded Content & Development
Jesse Gomez
Nick Maillet
OTT Content Programmer & Technical Producer
Brian Altano
Producer, Host
Tayo Oyekan
Show Producer
Jobert Atienza
Show Producer, News & Events
Red Rigos
Show Producer, Platforms & Tech
Jamie Parslow
Show Producer, Platforms & Tech
Jeffrey Vega
Social Host & Producer
Jay Park
Social Post Producer
Morgan Stehr
Social Video Producer
Brian Malkiewicz
Supervising Producer
Simon Cardy
UK Video Producer
Jake Turnbull
Video Producer, Custom Content
Alyssa Mora
Associate Syndication Editor
Luke Reilly
AU Team Games Editor
Brendan Graeber
Editor, Guides
Robert Anderson
UK Commerce Editor
Ming Chan
Business Intelligence Analyst
Adam Mathew
Commerce Writer
Casey Defreitas
Deputy Editor, Guides
Tom Marks
Deputy Reviews Editor
Bo Moore
Executive Editor, Tech
Chris Del Padre
Video Editor
Chelsea Miller
Video Editor
Jesse Schedeen
Staff Writer
Taylor Lyles
Associate Tech Editor
Angie Harvey
Editor, Guides
Chris Reed
Editor, Shopping & Commerce
Jackie Thomas
Editor, Tech & Buying Guides
Amanda Flagg
Editorial Designer
Eric Sapp
Editorial Designer
Seth Macy
Executive Editor, Commerce
Scott Collura
Executive Editor, Entertainment Features
Miranda Sanchez
Executive Editor, Guides
Ryan Mccaffrey
Executive Editor, Previews
Mike Concepcion
Finishing Editor
Matt Kim
News Editor
Jacob Kienlen
SEO Specialist
Christi Townsend
Social Commerce Editor
Amelia Emberwing
Streaming Editor
Armando Torres
Syndication & Digital Strategist
Mike Mamon
Syndication & Digital Strategist
Wesley Yin-Poole
News Editor
Erik Adams
Entertainment Reviews Editor