Pepe Cano

Head of Technical Content and Marketing at k6

Pepe Cano has a diverse work experience spanning various roles and industries. Pepe started their career as a Software Developer at Arland Trading GmbH, where they developed software using C# and web applications. Pepe then co-founded Intelligent Integration Factory S.L., where they served as the Chief Information Officer. Following this, Pepe embarked on an entrepreneurial venture, building a Jukebox mobile app that connected music audiences with local DJs. Pepe also freelanced as a Developer and Consultant, contributing to open source projects. Pepe then co-founded Yoinup and served as the Chief Technology Officer. Pepe later joined Territorio Huelva as a Consultant before transitioning to k6, where they held multiple positions including Frontend Leader, Product Developer, and currently serves as the Head of Technical Content and Marketing. Throughout their career, Pepe has shown strong technical skills, leadership ability, and a passion for technology and marketing.

Pepe Cano completed their education in computer science at the Universidad de Huelva. Pepe obtained a Bachelor's degree from 2000 to 2004, followed by pursuing a Master's degree in the same field from 2004 to 2009.



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  • Head of Technical Content and Marketing

    June, 2019 - present

  • Product Developer

    October, 2016

  • Frontend Leader

    July, 2014

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