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Org chart

Daniel Wiegand
Co-Founder & CEO
Sebastian Born
Co-Founder & Head of Structure and Interior
Patrick Nathen
Co-Founder and VP Product
Matthias Meiner
Co-Founder & Chief Engineer
Yann De Vries
VP Corporate Development
Dominique Decard
VP Airlines & Accountable Manager
Lauren Zwierlein
Head of Finance
Rochus Mönter
General Counsel
Tassilo Wanner
VP Global Public & Regulatory Affairs
Yves Yemsi
Chief Operating Officer
Geoffrey Richardson
Chief Financial Officer
Audrey Tauran
VP Procurement
Will Earle
VP Launch
Alastair Mcintosh
Chief Technology Officer
Roger Franks
Chief Legal Officer
Karim Jalbout
Chief People Officer
Meredith Bell
VP Communications and Marketing
Sebastien Borel
SVP, Commercial

Board & Advisors

Tom Enders
Margaret M. Smyth
Board member
David Neeleman
Board member
Henri Courpron
Board member
Barry Engle
Board member

People not yet in org chart

Yoen Moran Gonzalez
Supply Chain Expert (TDD)