Mission Neighborhood Health Center

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Mission Neighborhood Health Center honors our Latino roots with a tradition of providing compassionate, patient-centered care. We advocate for health equity and deliver innovative, high quality services responsive to the neighborhoods and diverse communities we serve.





Org chart

Anna Robert
Executive Director & CEO

Anna Robert

Tammy Alvarez
Chief Operating Officer
Jaime Ruiz
Chief Medical Officer
Sade Salako
Chief Financial Officer
Lola Trovao
Chief Human Resources Officer
Janet Lee
Director of Optometry
Marco Montenegro
Director, Patient Services
Jose Enrique Lopez
Director of Programs & HIV Services
Farzana Poyan
Dental Director, Shotwell Dental
Fernando Gomez-Benitez
Deputy Director
Elizabeth Simpson
Senior Nurse Manager
Veronica Fern
Adult Medicine Provider, Excelsior
Alexy Andrade
Adult Medicine Provider, Shotwell
Clark Santee
Lead Physician, Special Populations
Latisha Chan
Dentist, Shotwell Dental
Marie Wimett
Pediatrician, Shotwell
Elisa Lee
Pediatrician, Shotwell
Kyla Rockland-Miller
Pediatrician, Shotwell
Rachel Kreps-Falk
Pediatrician, Mission Bernal