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Org chart

Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson

Pam Melroy
Deputy Administrator
Robert Gibbs
Associate Administrator
David Salvagnini
Chief Data Officer
Iris Lan
General Counsel
Paul K. Martin
Inspector General
Robert A. Pearce
Associate Administrator, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
Prasun Desai
Associate Administrator
Stephen T. Shih
Associate Administrator, Diversity & Equal Opportunity
Mike Kincaid
Associate Administrator, Education
Katherine Calvin
Chief Scientist & Senior Climate Advisor
Julie Mikula
Chief of the Project Management Division
Jeff Seaton
Acting Chief Information Officer
Vanessa E. Wyche
Acting Director, Johnson Space Center
Eugene L. Tu
Director, Ames Research Center
Richard J. Gilbrech
Director, Stennis Space Center
Clayton Turner
Director, Langley Research Center
David L. Pierce
Director, Wallops Flight Facility
Lester L. Lyles
NASA Advisory Council Chair
Patricia Sanders
Chair, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
Glenn Delgado
Associate Administrator, Small Business Programs
Thomas E. Cremins
Associate Administrator, Strategy & Plans
Karen Feldstein
Associate Administrator, International & Interagency Relations
Alicia Brown
Associate Administrator, Office of Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs
Nicola Fox
Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate
Susie Perez Quinn
Chief of Staff
Janet Petro
Director, Kennedy Space Center
W. Russ Deloach
Chief of Safety & Mission Assurance
Norman D. Conley
Resident Agent in Charge, NASA OIG, Advanced Data Analytics Program, ADAP
David Mitchell
Chief Program Management Officer
Eli Ouder
Procurement Officer, Shared Services Center
Andrea Razzaghi
Director, NASA Office of JPL Management & Oversight
Bradley C. Flick
Director, Armstrong Flight Research Center
Joseph W. Pellicciotti
Acting Chief Engineer
Makenzie Lystrup
Director, Goddard Space Flight Center
Gavin A. Schmidt
Director, Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Elliott K. Cramer
Chief Engineer, Langley Research Center
James Williams
Acting Procurement Officer
Emily Sylak-Glassman
Senior Policy Analyst
Michelle Munk
Acting Chief Architect
Jeffrey Sheehy
Chief Engineer, OCE
G. Michael Green
Deputy Associate Administrator for Management & Chief of Staff
Roger Gibbs
Director for Engineering & Science
Rebecca Macko
Director for the Human Resources Directorate
Alesyn Lowry
Director, Strategic Planning & Integration
Jenn Gustetic
Director, Early Stage Innovations & Partnerships
Voleak Roeum
Director, Resources Management
Trudy Kortes
Director, Technology Demonstrations
Jami J. Rodgers
Director, Procurement Strategic Operations Division, NASA Office of Procurement
Niki Werkheiser
Director of Technology Maturation
Evelyn Vidal-Roles
Office Manager
Catrina Horton
Executive Officer
Jay Bookbinder
Director, Code P, Programs & Projects
Janice Robertson
Chief Financial Officer, Kennedy Space Center
Margaret Luce
Heliophysics Division Acting Director
Parag Vaishampayan
Acting Division Chief
Marianne Sowa
Acting Deputy Director, Science Directorate
Jamie Krauk
Executive Director, NASA Shared Services Center
Elaine Ho
Associate Administrator
Matthew Wallace
Director for Planetary Science
Chris Dateo
Deputy Division Chief
Kenneth Bowersox
Deputy Associate Administrator, Human Exploration & Operations
Mia Concilus
Management & Program Analyst
Matthew Decker
Chief Data & Information Officer
Jaya Bajpayee
Deputy Director of Exploration Technology
Christopher N. D'Souza
NASA Technical Fellow
Carolyn L. Johnson
Lead, Paralegal Specialist
Larry D. James
Deputy Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jennifer Stanfield
Deputy Director, The Office Of Communications
Neela Rajendra
Chief Inclusion Officer, JPL
Thomas A. Cwik
Chief Technologist, JPL
Alex MacDonald
Chief Economist
Richard Cook
Mars Sample Return Program Manager
Lisa Carnell
Biological & Physical Sciences Division Director
Larry Leopard
Associate Director, Technical
Rae Ann Meyer
Associate Director, Marshall Space Flight Center
Susan Owen
Chief Scientist, Acting
Liz Wagstaff
Acting Division Chief
Lionel Dutreix
Director, Michoud Assembly Facility
Jonathan A.R. Rall
Liaison to the NASA Office of the Chief Scientist
Charity Weeden
Associate Administrator, OTPS
Rich Wahls
Mission Integration Manager, for the Sustainable Flight National Partnership Mission
Tony Springer
Director, for the Integration & Management Office
Bob Pearce
Associate Administrator, AA
Chris Mouring
Deputy Director, Aerosciences, Evaluation & Test Capabilities
Ed Waggoner
Deputy AA for Programs
Carol Carroll
Deputy AA
Ron Colantonio
Director, Aerosciences Evaluation & Test Capabilities
Kim Miller
Deputy Director, Integration & Management Office
John Cavalowsky
Director, Transformative Aeronautics Concepts Program
Parimal Kopardekar
Mission Integration Manager, for the Advanced Air Mobility Mission
Helen Nguyen
Research Support Specialist, NASA Earth Science Division
Todd Pospisil
Procurement Officer
Eleanor Rieffel
Senior Researcher for Advanced Computing & Data Analytics
Terry Fong
Senior Scientist for Autonomous Systems
Alonso Vera
Senior Scientist for Distributed Collaborative Systems
Leland Stone
Senior Researcher for Human Systems Integration
Michael Lowry
Senior Scientist for Software Reliability