NCS Group


NCS is a leading info-communications technology (ICT) service provider and together with SingTel, we have a presence in 22 countries located throughout APAC, Europe and the USA.





Org chart

Ng Kuo Pin

Oon Jin Gee
Chief Information Officer
Keith Leong
Managing Partner, Global Delivery
Howie Lau
Managing Partner, Corporate Development & Partnerships
Sami Luukkonen
Managing Partner, Telco Strategic Business Group
Sam Liew Lien Ban
Managing Partner, Government Strategic Business Group
Howie Sim
Senior Partner, Healthcare & Transport
Dorothy Oskar
Senior Partner, Applications, Public Sector
Lim Chih Shoong
Senior Partner, Applications & Innovation, Enterprises
Claudia Tan
Senior Partner, Public Service & Defence & Homeland Security
Albert Koh
Senior Partner, Infrastructure, Enterprises
Wynthia Goh
Senior Partner, NEXT Digital
Tay Siow Yen
Partner, NEXT Solutions
Damien Kopp
Partner, NEXT Products & Platforms
Andre Conti
Partner, NEXT Solutions, Australia
Daniel Ong
Partner, Planning & Operations
Vivian Dierbeck
Partner, Co-Lead FIC, Industrial & Commercial
Albert Chan
Partner, Head of NCS Hong Kong
Jennifer Palmer
Senior Director, Contract Transformation & Risk Management
Jocelyn Teo
Finance Lead
Chew Sing Bin
Global Service Quality Lead
Christopher Lim
Delivery Operations Lead
Gerard Koh
Human Resources Lead
James Wong
Global Business Lead
Li Shan
China Business Lead
Lim Lan Geok
Enterprise Data & Managed Services Lead
Tan Chien Mien
Communications Engineering Lead
Tan Hong Seng
Legal Lead
Chang Chew Lik
Client Service Unit, Financial, Industrial & Commercial