Jean-Pierre Boissel

Chief Scientific Officer at Novadiscovery

Jean-Pierre Boissel has extensive work experience in the field of clinical pharmacology and medical research. Jean-Pierre began their career at University Hospital, Lyon in 1970 where they served as a Medical Doctor and later became Chief of Department. Jean-Pierre worked in this role until 2007. In 1984, they also began working as a Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Claude Bernard University, a position they held until 2010. In 2010, they took on a new role as the Chief Scientific Officer at Novadiscovery, where they are currently employed.

Jean-Pierre Boissel has a doctorate degree in Pharmacology from Lycée du Parc and Université Claude Bernard. Jean-Pierre also holds additional certifications in Statistics and Probability, as well as Genetics, from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.



  • Chief Scientific Officer

    April, 2010 - present