Openspace Ventures

Openspace Ventures makes investments in early-stage technology companies based in Southeast Asia. Their typical investments are at Round A or B stage, where revenue traction is building and capital is required to drive rapid growth. They also invest at Round C or D stage, where product-market fit ha...Read more





Org chart

Founders & Partners

Omesh Fabiani
Chief Financial Officer
Kelvin Goh
General Counsel, Executive Director
Jaclyn Seow
VP, ESG & Impact, Openhand
Amy Zhao
VP, Ocular Crypto & Investor Relations
Yiliang Zhao
Director, Data Science
Wenbo Zong
Director, Engineering
Vinod Dontimalla
Director, Talent
Eunice Phua
Finance Manager
Kay Chong
Office Manager
Johan Batubara
Director of Portfolio Operations, Indonesia