Neil Hooper

Vice President Of Global Sales at Panaseer

Neil Hooper has a diverse work experience starting from Vice President of Global Sales at Panaseer, where they utilize advanced data science to provide proactive security posture management. Prior to that, they worked as Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Fastpath Solutions, leading global sales operations and focusing on identity-focused zero trust and compliance. Neil also served as Global VP Alliances at WorkWave, managing international sales and strategic alliances in the field service management sector. Neil was the Chief Revenue Officer at STOPit Solutions, overseeing global sales and marketing of incident management and reporting services. Previously, Neil held the position of SVP Global Sales at Rsam, specializing in cybersecurity, incident management, and regulatory compliance. Neil also worked at SAP as VP Sales, Mobility, and Good Technology as VP Global Sales and Services, focusing on mobile data security. Neil's career started at Manugistics, where they led the Revenue Management business unit and worked in the field of supply chain management and pricing optimization.

Neil Hooper completed a Master of Science degree in International Business at Boston University from 1992 to 1993. Additionally, they obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University. Further details about the duration and completion of the latter degree are not available.


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  • Vice President Of Global Sales

    November, 2023 - present

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