Navnit Nakra

Chief Revenue Officer at Pine Labs

Navnit Nakra is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in the technology, finance, and banking industries. Navnit currently holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Pine Labs, where they utilize their strategic thinking and leadership skills to drive revenue growth.

Prior to their current role, Navnit held several key positions at OnePlus, a leading smartphone manufacturer. Navnit served as the CEO of OnePlus India Region, where they played a vital role in expanding the company's market presence. Before that, they served as the Vice President and Head of Sales for the India Region, where they effectively led the sales team to achieve targets. Additionally, they held the position of Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, where they played a crucial role in formulating and implementing strategic initiatives.

Navnit also brings a wealth of experience from their time at well-known companies such as Apple and Citi. At Apple, they served as the Head of Affordability, contributing to the company's success in providing accessible technological solutions to a wider audience. During their tenure at Citi, they held various leadership positions in the Commercial Bank division. Navnit served as the Regional Lead for India, Greater China, and Korea in the E-commerce department, as well as the National Head for Commercial Solutions Group and E-commerce and Digital teams.

Throughout their career, Navnit has consistently demonstrated their expertise in sales, strategy development, and business leadership. Their strong track record of achievements and their ability to drive growth make him a valuable asset in any organization.

Navnit Nakra attended the Faculty of Management Studies from 2000 to 2002, where they earned a Master's degree in Business Administration. They also attended Harvard Business School in 2009 and 2010, participating in the Program for Leadership Development.


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  • Chief Revenue Officer

    August, 2023 - present