Nofal Ahmad Butt

Managing Director at Qenta

Nofal Ahmad Butt has a diverse range of work experience in various roles. Nofal Ahmad currently works as the Chief Business Development Officer at Qenta Inc., where they focus on opening new business channels, partnerships, and collaborations. Nofal Ahmad also serves as the Chief Technology Officer & MD Pakistan. Prior to joining Qenta Inc., Nofal was the VP Development and Business Solutions - Africa at the same company.

Before their time at Qenta Inc., Nofal held the position of Chief Executive at ConnectdotNet. Nofal Ahmad also worked as a Partner at Fintech Solutions and was responsible for developing partnerships. In addition, they served as a Development Partner and Business Development partner for Pakistan at

Nofal had their own consultancy called Nofal's Consultancy, where they worked as the Owner and Consultant. Nofal Ahmad was also the Director - Business Solutions at Computer Information Systems (Ghana) Limited and Interpay Africa. At both companies, they were responsible for project management, business development, and positioning business solutions in the market.

Earlier in their career, Nofal worked as the DGM Accounts & Finance at Ali Akbar Group, where they managed financial operations. Nofal Ahmad also served as the Manager - Business Solutions at ITMinds Limited and as a Senior Project Manager - Business Development and Analysis at Softech Systems Limited.

Nofal has extensive experience in business development, project management, and financial operations across multiple industries, including finance, technology, and agriculture.

Nofal Ahmad Butt pursued their education at the University of the Punjab from 1991 to 1994, where they obtained a Master's in Business Administration (M.B.A) with a specialization in Finance. Prior to this, in 1978 and 1979, they attended the Muslim Girls & Boys School in Nairobi, although no specific degree or field of study is mentioned for this period.



  • Managing Director

    September 1, 2023 - present

  • Chief Business Development Officer

    July, 2022

  • Chief Technology Officer & MD Pakistan

    April, 2021

  • VP Development and Business Solutions - Africa

    December, 2018

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