QEV Technologies


QEV Technologies is one of the Pioneers when it comes to electric mobility.






Org chart

Joan Orus
Chief Executive Officer

Joan Orus

Abel Aznar Santiago
HV Battery Systems manager
Aitor González Martínez
Innovation Manager
Andrés Castillo Rivera
Director de formación
Ares Amat Torruella
Communications Manager ~ Responsible of Internal & External Communications at QEV Technologies
Nicola Bassan
Head of Powertrain and E/E Systems
Emilio García
Director division de autobuses y Cargadores eléctricos
Eva Grané Lloberas
Quality manager
Francesc Arenas Mañé
Styling & Design Director at Hispano Suiza Cars & QEV Tech
Javier Alonso Giralt
Motorsport Division Director
Javier Navarro Garcia
Director de Operaciones - Desarrollo de Negocio (QEV Mobility)
Jonatan Fernández Hée
Head of Software & Controls Engineering
Oscar Carrasco
Chief Operating Officer
Pedro Gonzalez Melis
Director de proyecto
Pol Sancho Moreno
Chief Strategy Officer
Santiago Madriñan
Chief of CAE department
Helios Benaiges del Cubo
Head of Electrical High Voltage Workshop
Ruben Espin
Chief Financial Officer