Reed Smith


Reed Smith is a law firm, representing many companies in complex litigation and other high-stakes disputes and more.





Org chart

Alexander Y. Thomas
Global Managing Partner

Alexander Y. Thomas

Casey Ryan
Global Head of Legal Personnel
Douglas E. Cameron
Managing Partner, Americas
M. Tamara Box
Managing Partner, Europe & Middle East
Kyri Evagora
Managing Partner, Asia-Pacific
Carol Colborn Loepere
Chair of Business & Finance Department
Peter M. Ellis
Chair of Litigation Department
John Iino
Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion
Cristina M. Shea
Director of Women's Initiative Network
Stan Perry
Director of Pro Bono & Community Service
Jack R. Nelson
Chief of Legal Operations
Steven W. Agnoli
Chief Information Officer
Lucy Dillon
Chief Knowledge Officer
Thomas L. Allen
Partner and Chief Legal Officer
Philip J. Page
Chief of Office Services
Rebecca Hammond
Chief Administrative Officer
Melissa Williams
Senior Manager Of Global Tax