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Scout24 is one of the leading digital companies in Germany. With ImmoScout24, an online platform for residential and commercial real estate, they successfully bring together owners, realtors, tenants, and buyers to make complex decisions easy – and they have been doing so for more than 20 years.





Org chart

Tobias Hartmann

Ralf Weitz
Chief Commercial Officer
Thomas Schroeter
Chief Product Officer
Claudia Viehweger
Chief People & Sustainability Officer
Christian Ronge
General Counsel
Gesa Crockford
Managing Director, ImmoScout24
Dr. Claudia Viehweger
Chief People & Sustainability Officer
Janine Zimmermann
Creative Director Corporate Design & Brand
Jakob Schroeder
CFO Of A Tech Startup Subsidiary Of The Scout24 Group
Klemens Mueller
Director Data Science & Analytics
Stefan Rauch
Vice President Developer, Commercial Property & Media
Rowena Patrao
Chief Technology Officer
Peter Finkenbrink
Head Of CRM / Salesforce
Daniel Herold
Director Of Technology, Core Platform/builders Platform