Robert Hisel

Cofounder at Seneca Resources

As a cofounder of Seneca Resources, Rob Hisel has served a wide array of companies, contractors, and government agencies by helping them meet and exceed their strategic planning and corporate growth benchmarks. Mr. Hisel’s experience with Seneca Resources and other companies makes him an expert with intimate knowledge of the information technology needs of a wide variety of industries in both the public and private sector.

Prior to his success with Seneca Resources, Mr. Hisel was the founder, President and CEO of Virginia based Preferred Systems Solutions, which grew from a small business startup to a 50 million dollar IT services company with over 350 employees. Preferred Systems’ success caught the attention of other industry leaders, with the commercial services division being sold to Netplex (NASDAQ:NTPL) in 1998 and culminating in the company being acquired in 2007 by CM Equity Partners, who chose to keep Mr. Hisel on Preferred Systems’ board to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and to keep the company headed in the right direction.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Hisel takes time to serve the community as mentor to those seeking to leave their mark in today’s global economy. His advice and networking has made him a catalyst for the success of several well known companies, such as Xator, Clear One, Projecteam and Potomac Mortgage Group to name a few. He has also lent his considerable experience to other groups and boards, including Oakland Consulting, Netplex, Knightpoint and Christian Relief Services.


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