Over a decade ago, Shopify started a store to sell snowboards online. None of the ecommerce solutions at the time gave them the control they needed to be successful—so they built their own. Today, businesses of all sizes use Shopify, whether they’re selling online, in retail stores, or on-the-go. S... Read more






Org chart

Tobi Lütke
Founder, CEO & Head of R&D

Tobi Lütke

Kaz Nejatian
COO & VP, Product
Bobby Morrison
Chief Revenue Officer
Tia Silas
Chief Human Resources Officer
Jess Hertz
General Counsel
Sam Gregg-Wallace
VP, Strategic Initiatives & Chief of Staff
Alexandra Clark
VP, Strategic Initiatives
Daniel Debow
VP, Product, Demand
Glen Coates
VP, Product, Shopify Core
Archie Abrams
VP, Product
Carl Rivera
VP, Product, Merchant Services & Shop
Satish Kanwar
VP, Product Acceleration
Colin Bodell
VP, Engineering, Shopify Plus
Andrew Dunbar
VP, Security Engineering & IT
Farhan Thawar
VP, Engineering
Tom Newton
VP, Engineering
Siavash Ghorbani
Director, Engineering, Shop
IBK Ajila
Director, Engineering, Retail
Christina Lomazzo
Blockchain Ecosystem Lead
Liz McDonald
Executive Expansion Pack, Office of the CEO
Zeina Naboulsi
Manager, Office of the CEO
Aaron Brown
VP & GM, Ecosystems
Jon Wexler
VP, Creator Team
Daniella Granzotto
Manager, Officer of the President
Vicky Hsu
VP, International Marketing
Anne-Marie Goulet
Head of Marketing, Shopify
Anne Marie Al-Borno
Director, Global Experiential Marketing
Everis Carruyo
Director, Marketing Strategy & Operations

Behind the scenes


Learn with the best

Talented people choose to work with us because we provide everything they need to feel challenged, hone their craft, and learn from one another. Surround yourself with a world-class team and level up quickly.

Propelled by ambition

We're growing quickly and, like a rocket ship, we show no signs of slowing down. We want to define the future of entrepreneurship, be a 100 year company, and the global engine that powers commerce.

Scale for impact

Our product helps millions of merchants worldwide do what they love to do. There are no small problems at Shopify; every project you touch will have a real impact on merchants’ livelihoods, and that makes our work incredibly fulfilling.

Autonomy rules

Magic happens when people are given the freedom to create their own path. We trust you to be resourceful, solve problems as they arise, and define how you want to make an impact.

Conformity kills creativity

Diversity is essential for building great products, and necessary for building a vibrant and inclusive culture. When we appreciate all perspectives, and remove roadblocks for one another, we maximize our collective impact.