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Christopher Mohr

Carl Walker
Chief Financial Officer
Tracey Shumpert
VP, FISD Membership & Programs
Sara Kloek
VP, Education & Children’s Policy
Renee Harris - Etheridge
VP, Membership & Marketing
Paul Lekas
SVP, Global Public Policy
Tom Davin
SVP & Managing Director, FISD
Morten Skroejer
Senior Director, Technology Competition Policy
James Gerald
Registration Services Manager
Carla Kalogeridis
Publisher, Signature magazine
Hope Wilkes
Program Director, Professional Certification, FISD
Tristan Dehaan
Program Director
Rozana Abraham
Office Manager
Elsa C. Dizon
Membership Manager
Roni Crawley
Membership Coordinator
Michelle Garvis
Marketing Manager
Nevena Jovanovic
Marketing Manager
Kiran Sekhon
Manager, FISD Asia Operations & Marketing
Mardy Goote
Manager, Anti-Piracy
Scott Cooper
Program Director, FISD/Community Developers
Maria Katindig
Accounting Manager
Kirsten Ballard
Communications Director
Tony Silber
Director, Programming & Development
Anika King
Director, Events & Sponsor Relations
Daniel Gonzalez
Director, Information Systems
Courtney Doyle Mcguinn
FISD Program & Project Director
David Anderson
FISD & Atradia, Director FISD Programs EMEA