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Silk is the database supercharger – the smart platform that delivers game-changing database performance without changing a thing about your underlying apps or database infrastructure, whether you’re running real-time transactional workloads or analytical workloads – so your entire stack runs 10x faster.



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Silk has a great history and great people. We all work very hard, but we are agile and methodical (which can sometimes be tricky to balance). I care about my Silk family and I know they care about me. We enjoy connecting with one another socially and for work. I also love that we're in multiple countries, always giving us multiple perspectives.

Dani Golan
Founder & CEO
Chris Buckel
VP of Global Business Development and European Sales
Derek Swanson
Chief Technology Officer
Yael Tarlo
VP of Marketing
Liran Gabay
VP of Customer Success
Itay Shoshani
Chief Operating Officer
Adik Sokolovski
Chief R&D Officer
Guy Tanchuma
Chief Financial Officer
Ayelet Peled
Chief of Staff
Eran Mann
Chief Architect
Anat Ifargan
VP of Finance
Bridget Gleason
Chief Sales Officer
Guy Lorman
VP, Product Owner
Product Manager
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Partnership announcement

Silk Expands Microsoft Partnership to Reach 95% of Fortune 500 Companies

Silk Expands Microsoft Partnership to Reach 95% of Fortune 500 Companies

Silk, the leading platform for accelerating the flow of mission-critical data on the cloud, today announced that it is now available as a fully transactable solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Microsoft’s new capability facilitates access to Silk for over 1 billion Microsoft users and more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies using Azure. Silk first became a Microsoft IP co-sell incentivized partner in February 2021. As Azure’s preferred solution for high-performance SQL Server and Oracle databases, Silk’s full integration with the Microsoft Azure marketplace increases Silk’s visibility to over 15,000 Microsoft field sellers and allows Azure users to retire their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). Silk’s Data Platform solution, coupled with Microsoft’s newly lowered marketplace fees, allows Azure users to migrate data to the cloud and use this data up to 10x more quickly while saving up to 30% of the cost. “Customers have seen great success leveraging our partnership with Microsoft Azure to migrate their mission-critical data into the cloud efficiently,” said Silk CEO Dani Golan. “I’m excited about this next step in our partnership, and that our solution is available to help over 1 billion Microsoft users quickly migrate their databases and start taking advantage of all the benefits of life in the Azure cloud.” Silk’s platform sits between the customer’s application stack and the cloud data infrastructure, allowing the customer’s database to remain in its original configuration. By providing real-time data reduction, thin provisioning, and zero-footprint clones, Silk allows customers to shorten cloud adoption times while delivering a superior user experience. About Silk Silk is the leading platform to quickly move mission-critical data to the cloud and to keep it operating at performance standards on par with even the fastest on-prem environments. Silk works with global enterprise companies and cloud providers to ensure a seamless, efficient, and smooth migration process, followed by unparalleled performance speeds for all data and applications in the cloud. The platform makes cloud environments run 10x faster and the entire application stack is more resilient to any infrastructure hiccups or malfunctions. Silk has offices in Israel and is headquartered in Needham, MA. For more information, visit Silk.