Deborah Duong

AI Researcher at SingularityNET

Deborah Duong has over a decade of experience in the technology and AI fields. Deborah began their career in 2006 as a Research Scientist at Virginia Tech, where they applied Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Simulation to National and Homeland Security. In 2009, they became a Senior Operations Research Analyst at Augustine Consulting, Inc. and then in 2011, they joined DST Health as a Software Development Architect. In this role, they analyzed claims data with NLP Neural Networks (Word2Vec, LSTM), Evolutionary Computation, Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian Networks, Markov Processes, and Agent Based Simulations for Predictive Analytics of Health Care Management. In 2018, they joined SingularityNET as an AI Researcher and in 2019, they became the Chief Technology Officer and Director of AI Development at Rejuve.

Deborah Duong has an impressive educational background. Deborah earned a Doctor of Philosophy - PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics from George Mason University between 1993 and 2004. Prior to that, they obtained a Master of Science - MS in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama at Birmingham between 1989 and 1991. Deborah also holds a Bachelor of Science - BS in Sociology and Anthropology / Mathematics and Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University, which they completed between 1980 and 1984.



  • AI Researcher

    January, 2018 - present